Howdy! My name is Andrew, and welcome to my humble website!

Here you’ll find my ramblings as a writer, from novels and blog posts, to articles I’ve written for other businesses – either as permanent staff or as a freelancer.

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The AI Takeover of Art

How does one compete with a machine? My career has barely begun and there’s a chance it’ll be derailed already, by AI driven programs that can write content in a fraction of the time it takes me. Should I pack in my craft, go back to college and learn to be a plumber – or…

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Social Media and Creativity, the Devil’s Cocktail

Being a creative in 2023 is a power struggle, between wanting to spend time away from the screen, experiencing life to influence you own art – to being fixated on the stats on Instagram, Facebook or KDP to see whether the marketing you’re financing, or that Tik Tok you made is having any difference on…

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2022: A Year in Review

Calendar years are funny things. Completely manufactured periods of time, where comparing the end of one to the start can be like looking at chalk and cheese and trying to find where the missing link is.  If you ask me, the craziest part about this year in particular is the juxtaposition between the start and…

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