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Hello! Welcome to AndrewLCookWriter.com – I am a creative writer, storyteller and editor with a demonstrated history in various forms of content generation, predominantly as a copywriter in the travel, gaming, sports, and creative sectors.

I have worked in England, Spain, and Gibraltar during my career, as well as volunteering on humanitarian development projects in both Tanzania and Morocco, discovering a love for travel, geopolitics, and integrating into new cultures.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Journalism from Liverpool John Moore’s University, and have written for the Liverpool Echo and FTSE 50 company, Entain, amongst others. I self-published my debut novel ‘The Toucan Man’ in July 2021, with my second, ‘Sputnik’, released in November 2022 .

On top of this, I have a CertHE in Digital Marketing from UCLan and have worked on an array of e-commerce, SEO, video, and brand building projects for various businesses and non-profits.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your time on my site.


Countries & Territories visited:

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