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Review: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Standing at the foot of the UK’s largest place of worship, the only feeling that coursed through my veins was that of awe.

The 331 ft monolith that is the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral gave me the sensation of something greater, and made me feel small and insignificant before I’d even set foot inside the fascinating house of faith.

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Funny fundraiser helps Greenbank charity

A Liverpool teenager is raising laughs as well as money after his sell-out show helped disabled charity, Greenbank.

Samuel Serrano, 18, raised £213.60 for the Liverpool-based organisation, after he celebrated his club’s opening night at Greenbank’s Time Out bar.

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Students debate Trump and Palestine

Following the election of Donald Trump in the United States, the University of Liverpool Friends of Palestine held a talk this week about the repercussions this could have for the Palestinian claim to be a nation.

The talk, ‘Trump and Palestine: An Uncertain Future’ was hosted by Professor Michael Lavalette, author of ‘Voices from the West Bank’, on Monday night.

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Top firms line up for business accolades

The Liverpool Lifestyle Awards celebrated all things business this week as prizes were handed out to top companies and individuals within the city at the annual ceremony.

Nearly 30 awards were dished out at the gala, where the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress attended as VIP guests.

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Apartment blocks plan revealed for Vauxhall

Plans have been submitted to Liverpool City Council for four new linked apartment blocks in Vauxhall.

The proposals are a joint application by Vinco Group and John Sutch Cranes, and if plans go ahead, 656 flats will be constructed on 9-27 Freemasons Row.

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City in ruins for Horizon Zero Dawn promo

The city of Liverpool has been strikingly re-imagined in a post-apocalyptic world as part of the promotion for a new video game.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, is using Liverpool’s famous waterfront landmarks to promote the game as it nears its March 1st release.

Concept art released by PlayStation UK shows the remnants of the iconic Liver Building under attack from a race of animalistic robot creatures.

It’s even accompanied by a Scouse-themed tweet from the company: “Keep Dixie for them robots out there la. #Liverpool.”

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Long Beach battles await for Jiu Jitsu kids

They may be small in stature but these young martial arts stars certainly know how to look after themselves, and their skills have earned them a trip to California.

Four children from Merseyside have been invited to take part in an international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament hosted in Long Beach.

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Travelling restaurant coming to Liverpool

Liverpool will be the second location for transporting restaurant Xiringuito (chi-rin-gito), which will be moved from its present site Margate in a shipping container.

The name is influenced by the Catalan seasonal bars that open up temporarily during the summer months in Spain, and acts as adequate inspiration behind the moveable restaurant.

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The Lowdown on Liverpool Gig Venues

So you’ve gone and booked yourself a concert to see your favourite band, but you’ve never heard of the place they’re playing.

What’s a Shipping Forecast I hear you ask? Why is there only a Parr Street Studio 2? I’m here to tell you what to expect wherever you go in the city, so you arrive prepared and ready for what could be one of the best nights of your life.

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