Young Yuri Rubinov’s life goal has always been to go to space. Well, it has been since his Papa told him about the Sputnik 1 satellite project on the way home from school.

Nicknamed ‘Mechtatel’ by his family for his day-dreaming, Yuri must navigate young love, school bullies and his older brother as he builds his very own cardboard rocket in his front room, all to have a chance at securing a place on the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 1 launch crew – that may or may not exist.

With his trusty one-eyed bear Mishka by his side, nothing will stop his literal ascent to the stars, not even the strange explosion from the Mayak ‘Radio Factory’ where his Papa works.

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The Toucan Man

‘Don’t you understand? I’m the Toucan Man – this is my calling. This is what I was put on this Earth to be.’

Ernest Kelly was a simple man. He never yearned for the frivolous aspects of life, just the eternal love of his wife, Eloise. When faced with a tragic loss, Ernest spirals into free-fall, his only direction towards the bottom of the bottle, or a freshly pulled draught pint, pushing away the only family he has left. In his anguish, he stumbles across the superpowers that can give his life meaning again, but only at a cost.

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